Pet Grooming & Styling

Goin to the Dogs Pet Resort offers professional dog and cat grooming.

  • Nails trimmed and sharp edges filed
  • Ears Cleaned/ hair plucked if needed
  • Glands checked
  • Bows or Bandanna
  •  Teeth brushed upon request for $10
  • South  Bark’s Blueberry Facial applied

If G2D has not groomed your pet with in 9 weeks from his last appointment, the price will increase.

Current vaccinations required for grooming: Rabies and DHLPP.

Any out of state dogs are required to have canine influenza vaccine.

We do not perform veterinarian services. We do not use harsh chemicals.

Dog Grooming & Bathing

Prices according to breed, size,
coat condition and length
(see examples below)

Small – (Toy Poodles, Yorkies, Maltese) – $35-$40
Medium – (Cockers, Lhaso Apso, Miniature Sch) $40-$45
Large – (Standard Poodle, Kerry Blue Terrier, Airedale Terrier) $60-$80
XLarge – clip downs – (Great Pyrenees, St.Bernard) $80-$125

Bathing Prices for Short Coated Breeds
(includes: Nails, ear, and glands)
(see examples below)

Small – $15 – Chihuahua
Medium – $20 – Beagle
Large – $25 – Labrador

Express Grooming – $10 – For our “Special Needs” pets. This service guarantees completion within three hours.

Professional Show Grooming is for available for select breeds.
(call 276-238-0364 for more information)

Cat Grooming and Bathing:

Ears Cleaned
Nails trimmed
Prices start at $45

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