Stephanie Quesenberry


Stephanie and her husband live on a small hobby farm raising mini jersey cattle and various breeds of goats. Stephanie has loved grooming dogs since 1991, working for 8 years for Pet World in Newport News, VA and then 15 years with PetSmart as a grooming salon manager. Shortly after settling in southwest Virginia, she started grooming for Goin’ 2 the Dogs in 2011. “The people I have met and their pets are what keep me enjoying the profession that I chose 25 years ago.”

Elizabeth Lael


lizabeth has served as a veterinary technician with over 3 years experience and has 12 years experience as a CNA in various health care vocations. She says, “I love coming into work because everyone is always so nice and friendly and I get to make dogs look pretty!” Needless to say, Goin’ 2 the Dogs is a great place to be!

Deborah Davis


Deborah spent eight seasons working with horses at the Foster Falls Horse Livery for New River Trail State Park. She trained and showed Shetland Sheepdogs, Great Danes and Racking Horses. Deborah enjoys being outdoors with her dogs and horses. She says “Each day I look forward to coming in and interacting with the Owners and their dogs and cats”.

Felicia Hall


A North Carolina native but relocated to the Grayson Co. area in 2015, she has been grooming for over 13 years. She has never done anything but work with animals. Felicia enjoys spending time on the farm with her animals and family. She is the mother of two wonderful sons and two great stepdaughters.

Ambria Talley

Head Bather

Amber has been working with animals for 7 years as a bather. Start when she big enough to walk going to work with her mom. Her favorite dog is a rottweiler.

Angela Hale


Angela has been working with animals for 19 years. Worked at a veterinarian’s office for 11 years doing everything from kennels helping in surgeries grooming reception and working up appointments. 8 years of work in a grooming shop. Favorite dogs are pomeranians and chows. Like making bows for the fur babies and my 5year old daughter. My oldest works with me and has went to work with me science she could walk.